How to add print button in web pages?

To add print button in web pages or web applications is quite user friendly and efficient for the users as well as for admin to print the generated reports immediately from the back-end if he uses ERP software. There are few third party plugin to add print button but those are not free, you may [...]

How to make bootable pendrive easily?

Sometimes it's quite necessary to make bootable pendrive for installing windows operating system as because you don't feel comfort using your DVD-ROM or you have no DVD-ROM or your DVD-ROM has been crushed. Eventually it's quite easy to install windows operating system using bootable pendrive than DVD-ROM. To make bootable,  pendrive is a great & [...]

Download YouTube video without any software?

Actually  YouTube is the biggest video hosting website of all. They provide the facility of video uploading at free cost. Some times we face internet speed problem while watching YouTube video causes continuous buffering  that is so annoying. So it's better to watch downloading the video. You can download YouTube video without any software?    [...]

How to make partition in hard disk?

People uses different software to make partition  in hard disk but i will show you that how to make partition in hard disk without any software.Generally in our computer there are two or more partitions by default when we purchase computer. But sometimes we need to make extra one or more partition in hard disk [...]

How to remove shortcut virus easily?

People usually gets frustrated finding no exact solution that how to remove shortcut virus. Finally doing one hours experiment i found the exact solution to remove shortcut virus easily. What is shortcut virus? Hackers or programmers around the world are making different kinds of viruses and spreading those to access user data from different computers [...]

Change username of Facebook ID for many times

Today  i will show how to change username of Facebook ID for many times for them who are in big trouble to change their ID's username more than once. Actually Facebook username is a crucial factor. You can't change user name after changing once. Suppose you gave a username which was given mistakenly or you wish to [...]

How to trace IP address from facebook chat?

There are many ways to trace IP address and i will show how to trace IP address from facebook chat.  Sometimes you need to trace an IP address of someone for your personal reason. May be reason is like that.For example, someone who isn't listed in your facebook friends sends you fraud messages or give you [...]

Ten important tips on cover letter

Here i am going to discuss about Ten important tips on cover letter. Cover letter is a prime factor for getting a job. In clearly, good and acceptable cover letter can create better possibility getting your desired job. Perhaps writing a cover letter is quite easy but you have to maintain some formation. Writing uncleared and noisy cover letter [...]