How to make bootable pendrive easily?

Sometimes it’s quite necessary to make bootable pendrive for installing windows operating system as because you don’t feel comfort using your DVD-ROM or you have no DVD-ROM or your DVD-ROM has been crushed. Eventually it’s quite easy to install windows operating system using bootable pendrive than DVD-ROM.

To make bootable,  pendrive is a great & effective solution to install operating system in your computer. Making your pendrive bootable the amounts of memory space of your pendrive must have to be at least 4 GB and even more. Let’s see how to make bootable pendrive easily in few steps.


Steps to make bootable pendrive:

First step: 

Open your command prompt and type diskpart . There will appear an user window box. Press yes.

Second Step:

Type listdisk  and press enter to see the status of  all your disks. Now here you will see the list of disk and corresponding memory size of those disks. Normally disk 0 is the hard disk of your system and disk 1 or disk 2 will be your pendrive. You can also detect  pendrive by memory size too.


Third Step: 

Now type the following command in command prompt one by one and press enter after each command.








See the following screenshot, you will be cleared.


Fourth Step:

Now do not exit your command prompt. Just minimize  the command prompt. Then enter your windows 7  DVD or windows 8 DVD in DVD-ROM of the system from where you are making your pendrive bootable.

Fifth Step:

Suppoese the driver letter of your DVD is X. Now open your minimized command prompt and type following command one by one in the command prompt and hit enter after each command.


Note: X= DVD drive location and Y= USB drive/pendrive location. So change both location letter by your own during typing command peompt.

Finally, copy all the contents to pendrive from DVD drive.  Now you got a bootable windows 7 or bootable windows 8 drive.


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