How to change facebook username again in 2020 tricks

How to change facebook username again 2020

Today  i will show how to change facebook username again for them who are in big trouble to change their ID’s username more than once.

Actually Facebook username is a crucial factor. You can’t change user name after changing once. Suppose you gave a username which was given mistakenly or you wish to change it later  but you can’t change because Facebook only permit to change username for only one time. Today i will show you a great and effective solution that how you will be able to change facebook username again in your iphone or android.

Steps to chnage username of facebook ID for many times:

1. First create a random  Facebook page from your Facebook ID.

2. Collect at least 25 likes in your new created page. If you think why 25 likes or it’s boring to collect like then i must say to change username of Facebook ID for many times  collecting 25 likes in a page is little work. Rather i can say now a days getting 25 likes not so tough. You can suggest your friends to like the page.

3. After collecting 25 likes in your page click

Edit Page > Update page info > Facebook web address > Create a web address for this page?

4. Now provide the username in the username option same as your Facebook ID username.  

5. After clicking availability you will see that you will be asked to transfer that username to the page. Click ‘transfer username’.

6. After transferring the username of Facebook ID to the page you will see that the username of your Facebook Id will be empty. Now you log out from your facebook account and delete all the browsing histoy and cookies and then again log in and after log in you will able to give a new username of your Facebook ID going here.

setting>General> Username> Give a username

 And if by any change there shows ERROR then try out after 24 hours. Because sometimes it takes time to refresh a new username . Hope, it works.

That’s the ultimate solution. I am reviewing again. First you will create a page, get at least 25 likes, provide the page username same as id username, transfer the username from id to page then give a new username of your Facebook ID. Hope it will be helpful for you. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “How to change facebook username again 2020”

  1. Thanks it works. Initially it was showing error but after log out from account and doing again log in it worked. Cheers.

  2. I did everything you said and now have a page with my username.. But now I can not ad a new username to my account. It does let me fill in a new name but when I want to save it it says:

    There was an error while setting your username: Username has already been modified too many times.

    Now what?

    1. I have the same problem as the others. I followed the steps directly as indicated and it did remove the old username, which is great but still not allowing me to save new name. Any suggestions?

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