How to make password protected blog posts?

Sometimes you want to make password protected blog posts in wordpress and you don’t want to show your posts  to visitors.You just make those posts password protected and the registered member will only get that password and may able to view that password protected post.

To make password protected post:

1. Login wordpress dashboard and click ‘Add New Post’.

2. Write your post and after that  click “visibility:public Edit” showing on the right top corner.


3. Then select password protected  give a password.

4. Now save and publish that post.

Sending password:

1. Now to send the password to the registered user/subscriber you can use a newsletter plugin.So download this Newsletter Plugin .

2. Activate the plugin and go to Newsletter setting option and import the registered members email addresses.

3. Then compose your password mail and send to the registered members/subscriber what you want to send.


That’s it.

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