How to make partition in hard disk?

People uses different software to make partition  in hard disk but i will show you that how to make partition in hard disk without any software.Generally in our computer there are two or more partitions by default when we purchase computer. But sometimes we need to make extra one or more partition in hard disk in case of necessity. You can make partition in hard disk easily following few steps.


Follow the steps that how to make partition in hard disk: 

First step: Click right button keeping cursor on My Computer and go to Manage option.




Second Step: Then go to the disk management option.




Third Step: Enter into the disk management option. Now you will see the total partition drives of your hard disk. From here you can delete partition, add partition, combine two or more partition drives.

Select the drive from which you are willing to take spaces to make another partition drive. Click right button upon the drive and go through clicking shrink volume.



Fourth Step: Now enter amount of spaces to make partition drive in this field “Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB” from the available shrink space.




Final Step: Click upon shrink. Wait few seconds. Now you will see your new partitioned drive. Now restart your computer and use your new drive as your own.


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