How to remove shortcut virus from hard drive permanently 2020

How to remove shortcut virus from hard drive permanently 2020

In this article i will show you step by step how to remove shortcut virus from hard drive or laptop or from pendrive very easily.

People usually gets frustrated finding no exact solution that how to remove shortcut virus. Finally doing one hours experiment i found the exact solution to remove shortcut virus easily.

What is shortcut virus?

Hackers or programmers around the world are making different kinds of viruses and spreading those to access user data from different computers or machines. Shortcut virus is such a virus which hide the data and make a shortcut of the corresponding file instead. Basically shortcut virus attack on the pen-drive mostly and it exists in C drive as wscript.exe file. To remove shortcut virus you can use different security software or antivirus. But sometimes those software mayn’t work to remove shortcut virus completely. Now the solution i am showing you below is most efficient and 100% workable solution to remove shortcut virus easily.

Follow the procedure to remove shortcut virus easily:  

At first we will recover the files from shortcut and then we will delete the shortcut virus from pc forever. Follow the steps carefully.

First Step:

Open your drive in which your files are turning into shortcut. If  it’s in your pendrive open it.

Second Step:

Have a look in your files that which script is responsible for this i mean the shortcut virus. Basically it’s .vbs or .exe formatted.

Third Step:

Open Task manager and go to process and force to end the process of wscript file.


Fourth Step:

Now open command prompt and type your drive name. Suppose it’s J drive. So type J:

Fifth Step:

Now type type del *.lnk  on command prompt to remove existing shortcut files.

Sixth Step:

Then after deleting the shortcut files give command attrib -h -r -s /s /d J:*.* on command prompt to recover original files.(Here J is driver letter and don’t forget to give a space before -h -r -s /s /d  J) Have a look on the following images, you will be cleared about it. 


Now your pen-drive files are recovered. And now we will delete the shortcut virus from the PC forever!  

Seven Step:

Download USB Fix tool from here. [ Download Here]. After finished downloading run the UsbFix.exe and click on “Deletion” button. Now your pc will restart and let it be scanned. And after deletion of viruses you will get a text report file. 


This is the ultimate solution to remove shortcut virus easily.Hope you will be get rid of this shortcut virus forever. I have examined many hours to make this solution after searching different sources. If this solution help you then it’s my success.  Don’t forget to make feedback in the comment section.Thank you.

28 thoughts on “How to remove shortcut virus from hard drive permanently 2020”

  1. During last two days i couldn’t able to solve this issue. After searching at last i got this helpful solution.Thanks, it’s wonderful and you deserve a thanks from my heart. Keep writing.

  2. Hi, just one question, I go to the hard disc and I searched for the file system32 to find wscript.exe in which I already did. My question is: Can i delete it?

    1. Hi Jose,

      No you can’t delete wscript.exe directly from system32 as because you have no permission to do that in that way.

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