How to use Gmail with your own domain email?

There is a way to use Gmail with your own domain email.So if you have a own domain then you can use Gmail service with your domain email address.There you can follow my instructions.

Creation email in domain:

1. Login your cpanel and create a email account from your cpanel mail option like

2. Login webmail from mail option.

Settings with Gmail:

1. Login your Gmail account and click setting from gear option seen in the top-right-corner.



2. Then click Account & Import .


3. Then click Add another email address you own option.



4. Now there will open a pop-up window and fill up your name and domain email address that you have created a few minutes ago and send a confirmation email .




5. Now go to your web-mail where you have already logged in previously and choose an application to read your webmail emails.




6. Then from inbox you will see a conformation email from Gmail Team and then click the confirmation link.

Now you are done and refresh your gmail account use gmail as cureent email from the right top corner of gmail.

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