Raspberry pi temperature monitor web interface

Raspberry pi temperature monitor web interface 2020

This article guide about developing Raspberry pi temperature monitor web interface 2020

Basically it represents remote monitoring of real time temperature and relative humidity employing raspberry pi. This is a raspberry pi based temperature and humidity logger that uses SHT15 sensor for measurement and it is unique as it not only reads temperature from sensor but also sends data remotely to web by using GPIO through LAN (Local Area Network) connection and provide means to read that temperature data with any web enabled device (computer,phone) web browser. Python language is used for data parsing. HTML5, CSS3 & Jquery is used for interface. So let’s start how i have developed this project on Raspberry pi temperature monitor web interface.

Project Background:

At first please let me explain the the project background. I had 15 different stores having distance about 700-800 meters from each other. I installed 15 individual sensor (SHT15 Sensor) connected with individual raspberry Pi in those stores which takes the data of temperature and humidity and shows in individual LED seven segment display. And this part was done easily . Then i wanted to develop an web interface through which i will get all temperature and humidity data from 15 individual stores in a single monitor of  the control room established far from those stores.

Project Procedure:

To do the remote monitoring i have connected all the raspberry pi through ethernet cable to the master PC. Initially i have used RF devices for data communication. But as the stores were inside of hill area the signals are not getting frequently. Then alternately i established LAN connection among all  store’s raspberry pi to a master PC. And then i started getting all the data from different raspberry pi to my master PC.

Requirements of the project

 This project is built on a breadboard, so no need to worry about soldering, or a designing PCB.

The following hardware i had used.

Materials you need:

Connecting the hardware for Raspberry pi with sensor :

Hardware connection is quite easy. Connect the sensor with raspberry pi accordingly.


Noobs Installation:

  • Insert an SD card that is 32 GB or greater in size into your computer.
  • Format the SD card using the platform-specific instructions below.
  • Now write rasbian OS in your SD card. After writing connect the SD card to your RPi.
  • Then power on RPi. Open terminal and execute the following command.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pyqt5
git clone https://github.com/drohm/pi-sht1x
cd pi-sht1x/
sudo python3 setup.py install

So you had just installed python3 in your RPi. At the same time you incorporated library file for sht1x sensor in your home directory. And finally you installed the set up.

Set up front view

Now download the the following attached file for GAUGE view like below. And there is also python file named temp.py inside the folder which you have to run in command prompt. Extract the downloaded file and keep in the main directory of your RPi and execute the python file in the terminal.

Download Source Code

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