Ten important tips on cover letter

Here i am going to discuss about Ten important tips on cover letter. Cover letter is a prime factor for getting a job. In clearly, good and acceptable cover letter can create better possibility getting your desired job. Perhaps writing a cover letter is quite easy but you have to maintain some formation. Writing uncleared and noisy cover letter may cause your continuous declination of your job application which may cause you a frustration although you know you are an expert doing those jobs.  

Here i will discuss Ten important tips on cover letter. 

1. You must have to read the job description and requirements carefully.and make sure your cover letter is specific to the job you are applying for.

2. At the starting of your cover letter provide your previous working experiences, your skills and the expertise relevant that job. 

3. Write meaningful, short,cleared and smart cover letter by which you will be identified as a potential.

4. Your each word and sentence of that cover letter will reflect of your expertise, professionalism, your eager and dedication for getting that job.

5. In your cover letter do not provide your phone number/Skype id/ email id or any kinds of contact information. 

6. Don’t use the same cover letter for all the jobs .

7. Don’t copy-paste cover letter from the web or any duplicate which already used.

8.  Don’t write down your bid amount in cover letter or any kinds of illegal offer.

9. Avoid unnecessary speak which may bore them.

10.  In final line write something energetic and enthusiasm speech which may mean to them that you are the perfect one for this job.

Here is a sample of a cover letter.

Hello/Hi/Dear Sir/Dear Hiring Manager,

I would like to apply for this job as  “Web Developer/Data Entry/ Graphics Designer/Programmer/etc”. 

I have been working as a team leader for a US based company during two years in that field.I am quite dedicated, reliable, hard-worker and maintain exact time frame. I can do your job perfectly and also assure you that you will be satisfied with my work.


(Your Name) 

Wish you all the best.

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