How to trace IP address from facebook chat?

There are many ways to trace IP address and i will show how to trace IP address from facebook chat.  Sometimes you need to trace an IP address of someone for your personal reason. May be reason is like that.For example, someone who isn’t listed in your facebook friends sends you fraud messages or give you unwanted threat. You may block that person in facebook but as a human you must have curiousness that who the guy was that. So point is that to know the details of that unknown guy you have to trace IP address first.  And by this IP address you will be able to find his exact location . Now follow the steps to trace IP address from facebook chat

Steps to trace IP address from facebook chat:

1. At first reply him with this message Hey,I have to make sure so i wanna to chat with you,reply me ASAP”.

2. When he will come on chat  close all other tabs  except Facebook tab.

3. Open chat box and start chatting.

4. While chatting is going on, in that mean time open Command Prompt and type. <netstat><space><-an><press enter><press enter>

netstat -an

5. And press enter. Now you will get his all established IP addresses.

Find the location by IP address:

Now go to the following link and find the location by that IP address

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4 thoughts on “How to trace IP address from facebook chat?”

  1. hi mr. atik. im having the same challenge because someone with unknown location keeps on harrasing me. of all the numbers showed when I typed netstat -an, where is the ip address that I should put when I visit is it the

    should the remaining numbers be typed in as well? (e.g. :51728? thank you very much sir.

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