Write php script in WordPress posts

In wordpress posts and pages there is no way to write php script in wordpress posts by default.You can only write html,css & javascript,jquery code. So there must have a way to write php code in wordpress.Yes for this problem there is plugin named “Exec-php”  By this you can be able to write php code in your wordpress posts and pages.


1.First download the plugin exec-php.

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2.Upload it in your plugin directory and activate.

3. Go to Settings->Exec-php and give a tick on the ‘execute php in text widget” if you want to write php script in widget texy area.


4. Go to User->My profile  and put a tick on “Disable the visual editor when writing” .


And put a tick on “disable WYSIWYG conversion warning”.


Now go to new post and try to test something

<?php echo “Hello” ?>

So now by these above method you can write php script in WordPress posts easily.

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